Friday, June 24, 2011

Life is Like a Box of Crayons...

When you own my wardrobe.  LOL.

To catch up, I am going to just post two sets of OOTDs that I have worn recently.  Nothing extra-special, but some of the images are full-on arty-party and since many of you prefer my images being all "fancified," you all may want to check them out.

Before that, though, two things.

1.  BODEN is STILL NOT ON SALE!  Wha?  That said, I remember that in the Summer 2009 the sale started the first week of July as I very distinctly remember shopping for Boden sale items while teaching kindergarten summer school (and that was not in June, at all).  I am thinking the sale will drop Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  I am not betting, but I have a "feeling" (that counts, right?).

Until then, check out all my Boden Weekly Review Roundups if you want to feel "prepared."

2.  For all of you that chimed in on my mini-pity party yesterday over at this post at J. Crew Aficionada, I truly appreciate the great advice, outrage, support, etc.  I have a good life, and I recognize that I am afforded many things and I am truly grateful for that, of course, but I want to let you all know, I BUDGET like a mad woman to purchase these pretties you see.  When I was teaching full-time, it was far easier to afford everything, but now that I teach part-time, and am given a limited monetary amount for doing my job as a stay-at-home mom, I definitely feel the sting when purchasing an expensive item (even with a discount, it still hurts).  I felt downright angry and almost stupid yesterday when an item I purchased not even three weeks ago went on deep DEEP discount.  The difference from what the sale price was yesterday and what I paid initially is MORE than the sale price itself.  I know, I know, caveat emptor and all, but it seems mighty dirty play on J. Crew's part to deeply discount an item by that much something like TWO days after the "two week" price adjustment window expires.  If this doesn't get fixed by my PS (I have high hopes, though, she is awesome), I may actually be done with J. Crew and focus entirely on Old School J. Crew (via ebay and the exchange) and Boden. 

Anyhow, thank you all again for being so sweet to me yesterday.  :)

And, in honor of my ban on reviews or ootd with just new J. Crew items (take that, J. Crew--fist shake), I present you outfits that are pure Old School J. Crew and Boden...

Okay, technically the specs are new J. Crew, but they are Cutler and Gross, and unlike my floral long swing skirt, they haven't been discounted to a degree where people are basically paying $80 for it or something, so I will go ahead and show them off, too.  LOL.  (If they do ever go down to $80, do not stop...just go.  Trust me.)

The dress is old school J. Crew and an ebay find.  I adore the seersucker/textured cotton dresses that J. Crew has been making for many years, but in the past few years, J. Crew has really been focused on halter and strapless versions.  This one is from early 2008, and is in a sour lemon color that I really wish they would bring back (or not...after all, after Tuesday--which is when my PS is meant to get back to me, I may never shop with Mickey and co. again).

The scarf is the giveaway/free scarf from Boden that they were offering back in April when you purchased over $150.  It is all linen, and while not the most exciting scarf ever, I do really love the colors and find that if stashed in a purse, makes a great cover-up from the sun and gives some warmth on places like planes (which can definitely be over-ac'd in the summer).

Arty-farty party #2.  Just a closer-up version so you can see the details.  With the shades on and my hair back, I felt a bit Catherine Deneuve...

Golly, what a great image.  The cutler and gross specs (#0930) are a dead ringer, eh?

With my own mini box of crayons.  :)

I have on some Boden sandals from last year.  Love these.  All leather construction, subtle snakeskin print, almost a perfect neutral, toe holder, etc., etc.

It has pockets!  I bought the size 6, which is a smidge big through the top part, but I think the length on the 4 would have been too short (was looking for more of a knee-skimming dress).

Best part of this dress is from the back.  LOVE the adorable!

Outfit #2--Terrazzo Tunic, which pops back from time to time.  I would wait on the sale for almost all Boden items at this point, but if this tunic pops back, just grab it, even if the only coupon you can use it the 15% off maternity (sidebar).  I have a feeling it will be far and few between, if ever, on chances of it popping back on sale.  I love this tunic a lot.  I have this soft red mosaic version, and the taupe version.  If you need help with sizing, go ahead and take a look at my original review here.

You all know the reason I wanted the soft red version right?  Yep, because I match my pretty little girl's dress.  So silly, but at least it isn't all matchy-match like I have (cough, cough) been known to do...

The photos are all taken at our secret little garden area that we have between our house and the front yard.  Because we have a raised rambler that is on a triangular shaped, inclined slope lot, our house is is perpendicular to the road (our front door is on the side of the house), AND our house is built into the hill.  Which means that if you are inside the house on the right (if you are facing the backyard), you are in the treetops if you are on the second floor (which is where our playroom is, btw).  If you are on the left side of the house (if you are facing the backyard), you can jump out of your window and not worry about careening to your death (Rex/CW/our room all have windows that are about five feet off the ground).  So--don't jump out the window in the playroom (three stories up), but go ahead and jump out of CW's.

This area makes no sense to me other than it provides a way of getting light into the windows of the basement portion of our house instead of having the "basement" clerestory windows, we have full-sized windows (which are not in this camera shot--although next to my bottom, in case you are wondering, ha!).  It is quite nice to be in the basement and look out the window at this magical area...we even have a freaking chipmunk that scampers around it all day long.  "Mr. Chippy" we call him.  LOL.  :)

Yes, it has stone steps and a bird bath.  Recently the top fell off, and while we put it back on, we grabbed the pics in the "before" stage because it seemed more "atmospheric."

Atmosphere overload.  If I was wearing a cooler outfit, I could so be a hipster in Williamsburg.  :)

You all have a great Friday.  Be on the lookout for a great Boden sale, babes!