Thursday, June 9, 2011

Floral Long Swing Skirt as Photographed by B & T...

You all ready for the arty-farty party?  LOL.

If you recall this post, I have *fun* with fashion.  And when I go over the top with my sartorial vision, I always call in B & T, photographers par excellence to capture the outfit in only the way they can.  B is the stylist and T is the photographer.  (And lucky me, they do it for free!!!)  After they do their job, I take the images and go crazy with the editing in Picnik, which is a Picasa on-line editing tool (and insanely awesome at making great photos look even more professional and special).

I am not going to bore you all with the details, instead I will simply give you a photo spread and leave the review of this beautiful outfit for a True Crew Love post (this weekend, most likely). 

But before I begin, I want to mention the pieces and the sizes (for those of you who need that info for your own sizing questions):  Floral Long Swing Skirt, Size 8;  Factory Stripe Zip Back Tank, Size extra-small;  Anthropologie Three Beacons Belt, Size small; and the Quorra Peep-Toe Booties, Size 9.5.

This is everyone's favorite image from the day.  I was actually standing next to a segway rental place.  Picnik can make anything look glam.  :)

I am going to keep this photo as part of this post...I am now ready to move on from this gorgeous shot of my kids (taken almost 2!!! years ago).  I figure if I have a fashion blog (even if it is *just* SAHM fashion usually), I should have a header that speaks to what I do here, enjoying fashion as much as I possibly can.  :)  Plus, if I switch to a fashion-themed header, I won't feel so bad when I switch it up (which is what kept me from ever taking this one down, lol).

I will post this pic on the sidebar, with a link to the larger photo.  I love this image, and figure some of you do, as well.  So do like I will do and click on it whenever you need a pick-me-up.

You all have a great day/night (depending on your time zone).