Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Hi, all!

I hope the Boden sale has been treating you all well...I have bought...


I know, I know.  But I have my reasons...I was holding out for two items, the Retro Dress and the Gorgeous Cashmere Cardigan.  And silly me...I actually waited two hours to look and see if they were available, and when I checked they were gone IN ALL SIZES AND ALL COLORS.

Ding, ding, ding.  Methinks there is something fishy in Boden town.  As of Monday night there were all sizes and all colors available in both items, and within two hours of the sale starting they are all gone??? Hmm.

I have read rumors on some of the social networking sites that Boden often will release items later in the sale, which seems odd, I didn't know they did that, but it did give me a glimmer of hope that I could get them later on this sale season.  (Plus there are always popbacks.)

Other than that, I have no other "must haves."  I am really glad with the items I received AND the prices I paid for them as I was able to enjoy them for many months before they went to sale (unlike another retailer which really p*ssed me off recently for marking down and item by half and then another third less than three weeks after it was introduced).

Did you all miss out on any of your favorite Boden items?  I may remember this for next year and just buy the darn items RIGHT before the sale and then ask for a price adjustment once the sale starts (they do PAs within 7 days, btw).

A lot of shoes on display this week, wahoo.  :)  Plus two mini-boden items (both repeats but part of CW's very own ootds) and a Boden cardigan (also a repeat but a new view, as well).  I am also going to do a mini written review for a bikini from Johnnie B.

There are absolutely no "deals" this week, but if you want to access the sale, you can click through the item's stock photo, OR go to my sidebar and click on the Sale Link.

CW has the FUNKY PRINT DRESS.  :)  At first she poo-pooed wanting this dress, but when this beauty when on 25% off, I knew I could probably make her come to accept it.  She looks a bit wary here, but by dinner she was very happy with her pretty flower dress.  She has it on in a size too large, the 3-4, and while long, not exceptionally so.  (Plus she can wear it next summer!)

Funky Print Dress
Funky Print Dress.  The other colors are also very cute.  :)  Very very Boden, as well.

Fifties Dress
Fifties Dress.  CW can be seen wearing it in a photo with me from yesterday's post (second outfit).

Flowerstitch Cardigan
Flowerstitch Cardigan. As seen on Suburban Mom in grey.

Printed Shorts
Printed Shorts. Fiona has the blue dotted pair, very cute!

Sixties Sandals
Strappy Gladiators
Sixties Sandals and Strappy Gladiators. Fiona does a wonderful post on these sandals and the casual moccasins (which I can't find the html for, grr, must mean they are sold out).

Downtown Heels
Downtown Heels. I wore them yesterday and posted pics of it as part of an ootd (very first outfit, btw).

Bandeau Bikini
Bandeau Bikini. I bought this with the 25% off sale in the red sailboat colorway. I went with a medium, and am fairly happy with my choice. I love the print, very unique, bright red color with white and blue sailboats. The fabric is the cotton/spandex mix that Boden used to use in all their swimwear but have recently done away with in their current women's line. The bikini top fits nice and snug thanks to a stretchy bit at the back of the top (imagine a elastic waistband on a skirt and that is what is at the back of the top, NOT a closure). The lack of a closure definitely means that if you are larger than a C cup to STAY away. I had no problems getting in and out of the top, but at a 32 B, I am fairly small. The bandeau top strap is detachable, but I don't plan on detaching it (see bra size for more on that, lol). The bikini bottoms fit, but could stand to have a bit more fabric through the bottom area. (The front part is covered and feel good, but the back part makes me feel that if I don't stay on top of my lunges I will expose myself to the world. Ha.) I can't go up a size in the bottoms, though, because then the bottom would be too wide, if that makes any sense. It's okay, I love having a sartorial reason for staying in shape.

And as much as I love all of you, there is no way in heck I am doing IRL of this bathing suit. My written review will have to do. :)

Have a great week, if you have reviews from any of the summer sale stuff, send it on in...even if something is sold out one day, it could pop back, and I love having the encyclopedia of Boden here at My Superfluities.