Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...Gently Down Holmes Run...

Get it?  Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream?  Hee.

Okay, seriously.

Who hasn't done a review on the Rowboat Dress yet?  Seems, once again, I am late to the game.  You all have to know something...I will often buy an item and then just sit on the photos for the review or ootd.  LOL.  I actually bought this dress after being *gently* enabled by momoberry in the fitting room at the Friendship Heights J. Crew.  I didn't look nearly as good in as she did, but I was the one who left with it.  She has insane willpower, btw. 

That said, I do love this dress.  It reminds me of the maritime dress, but in a polo shirting form.  This makes it a really good choice for our summers here in the steaming, sweltering swamp that is supposedly a civilized city.  I wore it two days ago, after our heat wave broke, and I felt good, so even when the temperatures are not reaching 103 (which it did last Thursday, yuck!), this dress works.  You just may have to wear a cardigan if you run cold (I do not, btw).  (Having said that, I find it really hard to believe that anyone would run cold in any temps above 80--which it rarely goes below here between May and October.)

Hands on hips.  This dress runs big, but I went with my hip size when determining best fit for me.  Therefore I tried on both the small and the medium.  The medium was laughably large on top while still fitted on bottom.  The length was awesome on the medium, but because I lost the waist definition, I opted for the small which just gently hugs my curves.  As this dress is made from heavier knit cotton, the lumps and bumps are more hidden than if this was a stretch jersey fabric made from modal, for instance.

I had decided NOT to try it on because I was sure those horizontal stripes would make me look like a weeble, but after seeing how amazing momoberry looked, I just did it.  Glad I did...turns out that the gentle cap sleeve and wider neckline help offset the hips making my pear shape look a bit more even and balanced (woo!).  Plus, and I know I don't typically dress for him (you all totally know I dress for you, right?), Mr, Dina did like this dress and said there were no weebles in his line of view.  ;)

From the side.  I like how the dress has nice rear coverage.  I also prefer the cream stripe color to a harsher white, but that is personal, I happen to look like death in pure white.

I am wearing my hair in a braid because I *want* to show off the back.  Look at those buttons.  They are beyond superfluous (LOL), but I love them.  These little details make J. Crew clothing special.  (Also of note, the sleeves have a silk trim that is subtle, but oh, so soft!)

Hey, there's the arty shot!  :)

I am wearing the J. Crew factory pave starfish pendant that they are still selling (I bought mine almost a year ago!).  I know that the factory jewelry has its haters, but this one is well made and feels substantial (usually the biggest complaint is that the jewelry at the factory is very lightweight and easily broken). 

I hope that helped some of you out.  I do know that many reviewers have had issues with this dress, and for them, the thought is it didn't work on them because they are more top heavy (in other words, the opposite of me).  I have to say, on first glance, I *thought* this dress would be better suited for that type of body, so I was pleasantly surprised when it worked for me. 

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You all have a great day!

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P.P.S. I saw on FB today that Boden is having a 40% off accessories and shoes sale at their UK site (of course, lol), BUT I promise, if it comes our way, you better believe I will let you all know!