Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Johnnie B Takes the Stage...

Hi, all.  :) 

I can't believe we have had almost an ENTIRE season's worth of review roundups.  Soon we are going to be in sale season, and then autumn/winter!  Agh! 

You all can certainly keep sending in your reviews from spring/summer, in fact, they are even more helpful than ever!  I have a feeling other people do this, but when a sale happens, I make very quick decisions and having the IRL photos of bloggers and in-depth reviews makes a decision on a sale item go from yes to no or a maybe to a yes!  (I wish I could say I go from "yes to no" more often, but I am big huge pushover and usually go from "maybe to yes.")

I will be very closely watching the site for when the sale finally hits.  When it does, I plan on having all the reviews/links to IRL photos ready to go with the Boden stock photos.  If I even find I have more energy, I might even categorize it.  (But who the heck knows where my energy will be, lol.  Probably shouldn't procrastinate.)

As usual, if you would like to see an item at the Boden site, click on the stock photo they photographed.  This will allow you to see other colorways, sizing info, and measurements.  If you would like to see a IRL of me or CW (she has TWO this week--aww!), go ahead and open the photo for a larger image.  If you would like to see an item on a fellow blogging friend, go on and click over to their specific blog post.

Although the sale is nearing us, many items (including the Relaxed Silk Dress modeled by shopwithm this week) are sold out, but do have popbacks.  If you see an item you love and would like to have pops back, and you don't want to chance it selling out before getting to sale, remember that I have a 15% coupon (maternity in the sidebar) running at all times, which I admit to even using when I have found a popback or two (hey, I am human, lol).

Johnnie B.:
Printed Dress.  This season at regular Boden for Women has been A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  Johnnie B. has mainly been "meh" for me...outside of a couple of items.  This printed dress is one of the items I knew I wanted to give a shot.  I really like the idea of a shorter, cotton, floral strappy dress for summer that is *trendy* and forgive me for this, Mr. Boden, *cheap."  I have zero desire to buy a dress that is trendy like this baby-doll shaped frock at any price other than Forever 21 cheap.  Ha.

For what I paid, I am pleased.  I find that the quality is okay for what it is.  It uses the darn plastic fastener bits that I have seen on other Johnnie B. items, and some of the detailing leaves a bit to be desired, but the print and the cotton are really nice, and the addition of a ruffled slip bit is particularly unexpected.

The pockets on this dress are nice (I am smiling, love pockets), BUT the openings are really narrow and I have thin hands and found it a bit of a trial to actually fit them in.  That is part of my issue with the detailing...what would have been the problem with having the pockets being wider?  Would it really have cost that much extra to make them a touch less snug??? Hmm...

This is the full view.  It is narrowly cut through the bustline.  I am wearing a size medium, which fits perfectly.  I have a 32B bustline, so if you are any larger than that, you will need the L or XL (I would imagine the L would fit a 34B and the XL a 34C or 36B).  Since this is a teen's line, I always bear in mind the smaller proportions of the juniors amongst us.  Having said that, Johnnie B. is very generous to the teens, and I rarely order larger than a medium, except in pants/skirts where I am a large. 

Hands on hips.  Do you all see the bit of ruffly at the bottom of the hem?  It is the bottom part of the attached reminds me a lot of the linings J. Crew used to have in the "golden" years.

Side view.  Not as poofy as you would expect from a baby doll shape.  I wore this all afternoon (after we got home from the pool, hello wet-head) and only took it off to get into my pjs.  I could have kept it on longer.  It stretched out, so while it felt perfectly fitted at first, by this evening, it was just merely comfortable.  :)

From behind.  The color is a bit muted, but I can see this working well in the fall because of the colors.  I envision wearing it with tights, booties, and a cute wool tuxedo vest with layered long necklaces. 

Showing you all my attached lining.  The lining is more fitted than the skirt (not sure why that is necessary), but by the end of the day, even the slip had stretched out some.

Printed Dress
Printed Dress (Oyster Posy).  Also is available in this very lovely and bright floral pattern, as well as a light blue ditsy print.

IRL Reviews from Other Bloggers:

Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan
Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck
Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan (top) and Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck (bottom). As seen on Suburban Mom, who every time she wears this particular combo, always looks so polished and pretty.  :)

Printed Cotton Skirt
Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck (see above last review entry for link) and Printed Cotton Skirt (bottom). Suburban Mom models this skirt in an outfit that I am in LOVE with, from tip to toe. The color combo is fab, and I think the print on the skirt is adorable. Funny fact, the cardigan/jacket she models is from last year's Boden collection, and our local newscaster lady, Anita Brikman (WUSA 9) wears hers all the time. At least I *believe* it is the same jacket. :) (I will try to grab a screeen shot the next time I see her in hers, she looks as amazing as Suburban Mom in hers.)

Jewelled Button Cardigan
Jewelled Button cardigan. If you like Suburban Mom's cardi/jacket, you may want to give this one a shot, as it is a similar fit with interesting detailing at the placket.

Relaxed Silk Dress
Boden Relaxed Silk Dress. Shopwithm is like me, when she loves something, she grabs multiples.  I don't blame her. I happen to love my (newly sized up) dress, as well. (My review on the new size will be next week.)  :)

CW was in pretty in pink form this week.  We have been in the midst of some kind of heat wave here in VA, and she (and I) are big fans of wearing cool cotton and light colors.  This strawberry print poster T-shirt is one of her favorites, and kept her feeling good all day.  It is one size larger than she is (3-4 as opposed to 2-3), but I want her to be able to wear this next year, as well.

Poster T-shirt
Poster T-Shirt.

Baby Boden:

Fifties Dress.  I know we have seen this recently, but CW wore it again recently, and we dressed it up a bit with sparkly sandals and a ponytail. 

She is wearing the 3-4 size, which is the largest size Baby Boden offers (so sad!).

This dress is really special.  It is high quality cotton, with a nice button detailing on the back, and matching "pants."  (Diaper cover is another word for "pants."  Not gonna show you all that, but it is the same print as the dress and all cotton.)

Fifties Dress
Fifties Dress.  The dresses are selling out in the smaller sizes, but if you have a toddler, you will have no problem getting it for your wee one.

You all have a fab night. 

I should be able to comment back to all your sweet comments from the past few days tomorrow, so be on the lookout for a response if you haven't heard from me!