Friday, June 17, 2011

Dressy Dress Carnival Cruise Style.

When I was on my first cruise, it was on a Royal Caribbean, and when they said "formal attire" necessary at dinner, they meant it.  Carnival Cruises, though, have a bit different way of dealing with formal attire...turns out the super-fancy cocktail wear and men's suits and tuxes are not really necessary.  My husband was thrilled, of course.  So guess who ended up being the fanciest dressed those "formal" nights?  Yep, me, and CW.  Of course.  LOL.

There was only one night of formality, but I *chose* to have two dressier evenings, casual cruising be dam**d.  :)

First night of "formal" was the actual night of formality--not the dinagideon "I make my own rules" night.  I saw a lot of polo shirts and khaki pants from the guys.  There were at least a few of us ladies all decked out in our finest, so I know that at least the XX chromosomes care about putting on a peacock-y kind of show.

You all, this is one of those dresses, you know, the ones that LOOK better than they feel?  Especially on a cruise with dinners ranging in about the 3500 calorie sphere?  Yes, I should reserve this dress for actual cocktail parties, not sit down dinners where no one really cares what you look like.  LOL.

I did get a few compliments, even one from a really sweet girl in the hallway when I was just about to head back inside and change because I felt so uncomfortable.  With her very nice words echoing in my brain, I headed up to the cattle call dinner table...

The dress is the Milly Lace Deziree Dress (or so that is what Revolve clothing calls it, I believe Milly itself named it some other name) in a size 8 (so I am wearing my true Milly size here, no vanity sizing here, darn it, lol, I would have probably been able to have more to eat that night had it been a vanity size).  The shoes are the amazingly, super silky, completely practical ridiculous J. Crew Collection Tilly satin two tone platform shoes.  These shoes were so much more comfortable than the dress (c'est shock!).

From the back.  The detailing on this dress was worth the pain it was to wear...the lace is intricate, and the slip is just shiny enough to add interest without being too blingy.  I felt like I was wearing some really pretty wrapping paper.  :)

CW close-up.  She was wearing a darling little frock from one of those Southern only kind of companies, you know the type that embroiders, monograms, and smocks every item the designers can get their hands on...

Rex can drink from a glass, which I guess is a good thing, although watching him in action kind of freaks us all out.  (Mainly, OMG, please, for the love of all things cruise-related, DO NOT DROP THE GLASS!)

He went with Hawaiian dressy casual.  Do you know how much I paid for that shirt?  $1.  (Awesome, and thank you so much, Goodwill!)

Rex took this pic.  I think he did pretty well.  :)  I look and feel happy by this point because, and this is between you, me, and the walls of this blog, of wine.  Sweet delicious wine.  LOL.

This was the last night of the cruise, but I wanted to wear this outfit so badly, I didn't care if everyone and their brother was wearing muscle shirts and short basketball shorts, I was going to have sequins, bright pink sequins. 

This photo was taken from my dad's balcony stateroom.  It was nice having access to this.  We (all four of us!!!) were in an interior stateroom, which really is no great big deal, but when you can sit out and watch the freaking Atlantic ocean go by you, it truly seems worth the extra expense.

Details on the outfit:  Top, J. Crew Collection Sequined Starland Tank, Cardigan, J. Crew Summerweight Cashmere Short Sleeve Cardigan, and Skirt, J. Crew Stretch Double Serge Pencil Skirt.

This outfit was much more comfortable.  I felt as good that smile on my face would have you believe.  :)

Arty shot, ding, ding, ding.  :)

My kids look a bit, well, reluctant, but they had a good time, too.  Baby CW is wearing the Liberty of London for Target toddlers' frock, and my husband and Rex are definitely wearing preppy casual. 

Mommy Style Monday #20--Packing Polyvores Revisted...

Just a reminder of the items I brought with me on the cruise. In the polyvore itself (if you click on it), you will be able to go to another post about the cruise.

So now I believe I am now done showing off all the cruise wear from over a month ago. I just finished unpacking, too. I don't mean to procrastinate, but I find unpacking so much less thrilling than packing. I know I can't possibly be alone in feeling this way, right? LOL.

Also, quick reminder to my Arbonne fans/clients...tonight is the last night you can purchase $85 or more to receive the free RE9 Regenerating Toner. Thanks!

You all have a great Friday!