Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup...It's Sandal Time.

So I was super-bummed to learn that the extra 25% off coupon that Boden gave to us on Monday and Tuesday did indeed expire last night (contrary, btw, to what the affiliate people e-mailed me, grr).

To rectify the problem, I put the 15% off maternity coupon back in my sidebar, so while not 25% off, at least it isn't the paltry 10% off that is their "normal" offer.

Having said all that...

I think we may be in for a sale soon! SQUEE! :)

Can't promise when the sale will get going, but I am all ready. I have something like ten posts ready to publish with individual types of clothing and their reviews PLUS an overview roundup that will link back to all the individual posts. In other words, when the sale drops on us here in the US, you had better be ready to see a lot of My Superfluities blog posts in your dashboard.  (And you will have confirmation of my clear case of OCD.)

As always, if you want to see an item close up on me, click on the photo. If you would like to see an item on another blogger, click on the link back to their blog. If you would like to check out sizing, measurements, colorways, and availability, click on the Boden stock photo.

Boden Maternity:
Speaking of Maternity, I bought a Boden Maternity Tunic Top, oh, yeah.
To be fair, I only contemplated buying this Easy Crossover Tunic after I read one of the Boden reviews that some other crazy lady, like me, decided that this tunic was really cute and could potentially be a dress for a non-pregnant body. :)

Yes, she was so right.  Based on the measurements, and comparing it to the Terrazzo tunic measurements, I knew the size 4 would fit.

The tunic/dress is made from a jersey fabric that is breathable and stretchy (better be!).  The animal print is subtle, almost like an abstract polka-dot from far away.  There is a superfluous (teehee) grosgrain ribbon at the empire waist, but I am not sure I am going to keep that (very simple alteration, btw).

Definitely can be winter appropriate with leggings and a long cardigan.

From the back it isn't obscene.  In fact, I have Johnnie B. items that are far shorter.

Mr. Dina liked this one, btw, a lot.  He says it is flattering.  (He cracks me up...he would like a maternity top as a dress.)

Because I am, you know, me...and slightly crazy, I couldn't resist tucking a beret full of scarves under the maternity portion.  I think it looks pretty good.  BTW, my stuffing skills suck, as I never was that large when pregnant.  I would have to be having two Rex-sized twins to be that big!

Easy Crossover Tunic

Easy Crossover Tunic. I was attracted to this tunic because it reminded me of the printed tunic I own in the jade colorway (basically the younger sister of the tunic in the Boden stock photo).

Other Bloggers:
Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt.  Suburban Mom loves her textured cotton skirts, and just this past week wore the green version here, and the brown version here!  :)  She rocks this skirt!

Boden Footwear:
No, you weren't imagining it.  I am wearing the strappy gladiator sandals by Boden with my Easy Crossover Tunic above.  I don't know that I would wear it together in the future, but I was at home, all alone, and you know, matchy-match is so 1960s.  :)

I ordered a size 40, which roughly equates to a size US 9 (sorry brits, I have not a clue what that equals to you all, even when I lived there I couldn't figure it out!).  I normally wear a size 41 (US 9.5), but Boden can run large.  And definitely this was true with these sandals as they fit exactly as they should in this size...not too large, long, or tight.  The reviews said to size down, and I am very glad I did.  I often wait to buy Boden footwear because of that--I need to know what is going to fit my super-narrow feet.

All leather construction, including the soles, for about $85 US.  If J. Crew made these, they would charge easily $150.  They are very nicely made, and the tan color is a fab neutral.  There is also a darker brown, purple, gold, and silver colorways.

Has the zippers up the back, which I love...much easier to get in and out of.

One right foot is *normally* a bit smaller than my left foot, but in this pair, my right shoe was much tighter than my left, which was fine for me, but weird overall.  This means that the right pair was smaller, so the actual seaming of the product was a bit off.  Just watch for it unless it happens to work out for your particular set of circumstances.

Strappy Gladiators
Strappy Gladiators.  Not even close to sold out.  The animal print version will likely sell out first, though...

You all have a nice night...I can't wait until the sale gets going!  :)