Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boden Summer Sale (Wahoo)! Find Links to All Sale Roundups Here...

Wow! We all know what a great season it has been at Boden…I myself have indulged quite a bit, for me and my kids. Only my husband wasn’t lucky enough to get any Boden bites this year (although the sale may convince me to buy my hubby his first ever, Johnnie would be so proud).

Today marks the first day of the Boden sale, and if the past is any indicator, many items will sell out in nearly all sizes and colorways if they haven’t already (Terrazzo tunic, I am looking at your pretty mosaic-ed self). I don’t often indulge in the sale, as by the time the sale comes I am fairly kitted out, but for many of you all, I know that this IS. THE. MOMENT. YOU. HAVE. WAITED. FOR! And who can blame you—many of the prices range from 35% to 50% off the original retail cost. Mini-Boden sells fastest, and then any of the rock-bottom priced woman’s basics, including swimwear. The things that I see stick around longest are some of the accessories and shoes, but that is not a guarantee.

I have compiled an exhaustive list of items in the Boden sale for you, and in separate posts so you can pick and choose which items you want one last glance or to read a review of (from a Boden blogger or Boden blogger friend). This post serves as the catch-all post where you can find the links to the various types of clothing.

In each of the posts, you will see the Boden stock photo (which takes you directly to that page at Boden) and a link to where the original review was. If the review was from me (or my darling little mini-Boden Aficionados) or a Boden blogger friend that has no blog of their own, you will end up at one of the (in-season) Boden Weekly Review Roundups. If the review was from a Boden blogger who is not me, I have included a link directly back to their blog.

I have tried MANY of the Boden stock photo links, and while most of them still work, there are quite a few "dead" links that take you nowhere. I suspect this is because that item is completely sold out. DO NOT DESPAIR! Many items that sell out DO get returned, so keep checking links for items you love...pop backs can occur...

The sales do not include “coupon stacking” or free ship/returns (or at least no free ship/returns in the past).  If I find a coupon or code that allows for free shipping and/or returns, I will ABSOLUTELY update you all.  Hand on heart!

Good luck getting what you have wanted all season and wanted to get the best possible price. You are also MORE THAN WELCOME to leave your comments on your scores, popbacks, etc. in the comments. I love seeing and reading what others pick, and a sale is certainly no exception!

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Any reviews I missed? Would you mind leaving me a comment on the appropriate post (a skirt review I missed in the skirts post)? Thanks!!!

Happy (Sale) Shopping!!!  Let us know what goodies you managed to snag!