Monday, June 6, 2011

FOR SALE 06/06/11!

The Factory made a version of this, and in my recent "hunting," I found this exact dress in cotton.  Rather than immediately consign or ebay it, I wanted to offer it to my readers who may love this dress and are sad to have missed out on it.  Plus, it's cotton, so yay for a summer fabric, lol.  :)

FOR SALE 06/06/11!
E-mail or polyvore message for more info...

1. Boardwalk Shorts, Size 8, BRIGHT GREEN, NWT, $35 shipped. These run small, I sized UP to a 10 for the best fit.

2. COTTON FACTORY VERSION of the Chain Print Bateau Sweater Dress, Size Medium, EUC, $30 Shipped. I found this, and outside of it being cotton, it looks and fits exactly the same as my merino version (seen in this post: Good option for the summer, thought I would give my JCA friends a chance on it before I put it on ebay or consigned it.

3. Tie Front Dress, Knit Jersey Version, from Spring 2008, size medium, bright blue color, $20 shipped. I have it in my right size now, and was unwilling to let this fab dress go from my closet until I found the replacement  (It came in other colors, including this one in black, but I thought the bright blue was the prettiest). :)

Happy Shopping!