Friday, April 1, 2011

Arbonne: Cheek Blush, Eyeliner, and Triple Action Mascara, Step Three and Four.

For more information on how my Arbonne cosmetics guide got started, please visit the initial post!

So today I am doing part two of from "Fresh Faced to All Ready to Go."

Remember, all products I show here can be found at my Arbonne website.  (Go to the SHOP ONLINE TAB at the top of the home page to see all of the products for sale--cosmetics are under the Arbonne Cosmetics.)  I am an independent consultant, so while not completely unbiased, I do have a lot of information I can impart to you all about how to use the individual products (or at least how I use them, lol).  I have also started to add links to the Arbonne cosmetics ingredients PDF files, as I think it is very important that you all see what goes into your cosmetics when you purchase from Arbonne.

Here is a reminder of what the cosmetics guide collage looked like (and it allows you to get a sneak peek of what the next steps are...if you roll like that)...

Fresh Faced Photo:
This is meant to be the "control" photo so you can see what I started out with...there is NO photo-shopping, etc., I promise.  I would look way better if I used photoshop, trust me.  ;)

To see steps one and two, please visit this post.

Step Three: 
Looking back at the whole set of photos, I think the MOST dramatic change was made between the photos from the tinted moisturizer (which is step two) and the eye shadow and lip polish (which is step five) photos.  These are the photos you will be seeing in this post.  It really, truly is amazing how much of a difference cheek blush and eyeliner and mascara can make on your face.  I mean I always knew that, but I think seeing the PHYSICAL difference in these photos has been (sorry for the pun) eye-opening.

The third step I take when applying my "all ready to go" look is the cheek blush.  The shade you see here is called Blossom and from what I can see, I believe this may be Arbonne's version of a universal shade (it flatters all skin tones).  I have to be very careful when applying this blush as the ingredients used make for a very saturated blush, and a little goes quite a long way.  I have had this blush for 7 months and it is only 1/4 used.  It will last for a while.  In fact, I may end up having to toss it before I finish using it when the 1-year expiration date comes (always throw cosmetics out on time--yucky bacteria, etc. grow very easily after the expiration).

You will note that I am holding up a brush.  This brush is from the 10 piece precision brush set.  It is under Arbonne cosmetics sets and accessories at my website.  These brushes ARE NOT made from animal hair, so if you are a vegan, vegetarian, or you have a specific reason for not choosing to buy animal products, these brushes are the very high quality version brush set you have been looking for...

I apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks because I have a LONG face, which means that I am vertically longer and horizontally shorter.  This means I must try to increase my width of my face, and the way I have found to "fool" the eye is to apply the blush right next to my nose right on top of the fatty bit of my cheeks.  If you are wider than longer, you are advised to apply your cheek blush closer to your ears, away from the nose, basically the opposite of what I do.


Step Four:
After blush, I always do mascara and eyeliner.  I love, love, love the way my eyes look after applying both.  Some days I will just do mascara, but on the days I wear eyeliner, too, I feel so chic.

I read that if you wear mascara your eyes will look wider, which in turn will make you look younger.  Since I am no longer a teenager, I will do whatever. I. need. to. look. younger.  Yes, ma'am.

I first apply the Triple Action Mascara (the one I am holding is the old version, I am nearing having to replace it with the new version).  The mascara only comes in black, but it does make my light colored eyes pop, so I am okay with that.  Having said that, I would love it if Arbonne had a plum and brown version because there are days when I would prefer to have a bit more natural look.  (So, if and when they make different colored mascaras, you will DEFINITELY hear it from me.)

The mascara is NOT waterproof.  The ingredients that go into making waterproof mascara are not on Arbonne's preferred ingredients list (the company does not use many ingredients that other cosmetics companies use because they consider them harmful and toxic).  If you need waterproof mascara, you will not find it through Arbonne until the scientists discover a way of making mascara waterproof without toxic ingredients.

I apply the mascara ONLY to the top eyelashes.  Whenever I have done it on my bottom lashes, it looks fake.  My eyelashes are quite light (almost a light brown), and the contrast is too strong with my coloring.

The eyeliner is the shade olive.  LOVE this color.  It is the right amount of green and brown mixed together, and I really love how my aqua eyes look greener when I wear this shade.

Here is my favorite thing about this eyeliner.  The eyeliner literally goes on like buttah. (Butter, get it, all smooth-like???)  I used to never wear eyeliner because I would have to "warm up" the tip with my fingertips to get it to go on smoothly and it just bugs to have to do that.  Plus other eyeliners would fade really fast.  This particular version is very long-lasting (usually 8 hours or longer).  The eyeliner, along with the lip polish, are my favorites from the Arbonne cosmetics line.



I hope that this has helped you all learn a bit more about the third and fourth steps towards having an all made up look!  :)

You all have a great night and thank you for visiting my blog (if this is your first time here)!