Friday, April 1, 2011

Boden 20% Off and Free Shipping...

Just in time, as I found that Johnnie Boden is on my side (see the top of this post for the resolution to my issues from yesterday), I receive news that Boden has a new promo for all Boden babes out there.  This is no doubt being dropped today as almost all summer items are now available for sale (yes, the same ones from the pre-order debacle I just experienced).  Not all items, but nearly all.  For some reason, some items are being listed as "not available."

I love this above image.  It makes me LONG for bright sunshiney days and bar-b-que.  And watermelon.  The color of that dress makes me desire watermelon in a way I haven't experienced since pregnant (little known fact--my two cravings whilst preggers were jell-o and watermelon...weird, right?).

Okay, is it wrong for me to think this is exactly how I will look going to the beach with my kids when we are on our cruise this May?  I don't have two girls, but it could be close, right?  :)  LOL.  Such an imagination...
Above is the Strappy Jersey Dress, one of the "new" items at Boden. 

If you would like to participate in this offer, it is only good for two days, and you can either access the coupon through my site at the sidebar OR through this post (link is the sentence below).

Get 20% Off plus Free Shipping at!

What are your picks for summer?  I personally love the items I pre-ordered (issues and all, such a fan am I) can take a look at those in this post.

Have a great Friday morning!