Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Arbonne: Sheer Glow Highlighter, Step Six.

For more information on how my Arbonne cosmetics guide got started, please visit the initial post!

So today I am doing part four of from "Fresh Faced to All Ready to Go."

Remember, all products I show here can be found at my Arbonne website.  (Go to the SHOP ONLINE TAB at the top of the home page to see all of the products for sale--cosmetics are under the Arbonne Cosmetics.)  I am an independent consultant, so while not completely unbiased, I do have a lot of information I can impart to you all about how to use the individual products (or at least how I use them, lol).  I have also started to add links to the Arbonne cosmetics ingredients PDF files, as I think it is very important that you all see what goes into your cosmetics when you purchase from Arbonne.

Here is a reminder of what the cosmetics guide collage looked like (and it allows you to get a sneak peek of what the last step is...if you roll like that)...

Fresh Faced Photo:
This is meant to be the "control" photo so you can see what I started out with...there is NO photo-shopping, etc., I promise.  I would look way better if I used photoshop, trust me.  ;)

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Step Six: 
Today I am showing off the item that is currently FREE (until Friday, April 8, 2011) with any $100 plus purchase made over at my website.  It retails for $40, which given a cost per wear analysis, makes it a pretty decent price if you use it every day or nearly every day. 

I find that I use a bottle up over a six month time period, as you don't really need much more than a few dots of highlighter for a nice subtle glow.  It dispenses in a "dot" way, so when you receive it, you will see what I mean. 

The highlighter receives much acclaim from all the women I know who use it.  I think that as we age, we lose a bit of the natural luminosity and glow that we all know we had back when we just didn't care enough to notice (I personally shake my fist at being age 14, with stunning skin, and doing absolutely nothing outside of sunscreen to take care of it, I am now at the age where I can rightly say that "youth is totally wasted on the young," lol).  Anyhow, back on point, after about 25 or 30, with the stresses of lack of sleep, bad air, nights spent worrying about children, jobs, rent/mortgage, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise catch up with our skin.  Sigh.  And the first thing to go is that special something something that makes us look alive...I describe it as my skin looking grey, nice, right???

Anyhow, I will do all of the steps that go into this "all made up" cosmetic routine of mine, and right before the last step (next post in this series), I add just a few dots of this highlighter to very top of my cheekbones, on the outer corner of my eyes, a very small dab on the inner part of my eyes, and lastly a sliver of it on the top of my nose.  It is very subtle, but it is very evident when any light catches where I placed this non-glitter highlighter cream.  As I turn to the light, it gives off a bit of sparkle where the cream was placed.  I know it seems like a small something something, but the days I wear it, I do get the whole "you're glowing!" from folks.  :)

I have also (on my most "grey" days) mixed it in with my tinted moisturizer and then placed the whole concoction on my face.  Those days I feel lifted, knowing that I no longer look grey but rather glowy.  It *is* a bit much to do this every day, but on the days when you need the love the most, I say go for it. 

Other people have come up with ideas on how to use the cream, including on the body, so if you have used it and have an idea for others (and me), let me know! 

Sheer Glow Highlighter PDF Ingredient List.

I hope that this has helped you all learn a bit more about the fifth step towards having an all made up look!  :)

You all have a great night and thank you for visiting my blog (if this is your first time here)!