Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Includes a New Summer Arrival, the Printed Tunic!

Ooh, sorry for how belated this post is! :P I love going back to teaching (especially when it is a fashion class for uber-excited tweens), but wow...I am T-I-R-E-D. LOL. These first pics of me in the cute as a button printed tunic are of me after my nap earlier this afternoon. I am so tired I am taking a nap, like a toddler.

Okay onto the business of the roundup...remember if you want to see it close-up on me, click on the photos of me wearing them.  If you want to see them on my blog friends, click on the link to their website.  If you want to see measurements, other colors, and sizes, click on the photo of the item as photographed by Boden.  There is a 15% off maternity coupon in the sidebar of this blog that is still working.  There is no minimum for that coupon, so if you have a low tolerance for higher minimums on coupons, this coupon is probably your best bet.  I hope it still works for a while...

Printed Tunic on me in the jade champagne spot pattern.  I fell for this way back when this was in preview, and now that it has arrived, I am even more smitten.

It is clearly safe to say I am obsessed with Boden tunics.  It seems that they always fit me exactly as I need them to, which I can't say about some of their other items like the the dresses and the pants (okay, trousers all you British visitors, lol).

This is a size US 6 or UK 10.  I usually wear a size US 6 in their tunics, so this is tts.

The tunic is made from a stretchy blended cotton.  It does hug through the bottom half, but in a way I know is flattering and not unfortunate.

It has a small tie belt, which I like, but I can 100% see belting it with a wide belt, especially if I am trying to get an 80s vibe (the spot patterns look very 80s in my opinion, and the florals sort of scream 70s).

From the back.  I think the blousier top and nipped in waist helps make my hips look a wee bit smaller, which for this "Miss Pear" is much appreciated.  SWAK, Johnnie B.

Okay, this is short without the leggings, but I kind of like it this way better!  Definitely for the dog days of August.

I may try the tunic with skinny jeans on Friday for the Spring Into Style class.  I can see the girls going gaga for this look.

This is a close-up of the print, the spots are actually a navy, not black, but even so, the tunic looks more than fine with black leggings.

Printed Tunic
Printed Tunic. Also available in the above floral in two colorways and the spot pattern in a grey version (yum!).

Textured Jersey Tee
Textured Jersey Tee. On Louise in the Blush Stencil and the Wave Stencil Pattern.

Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck
Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck. In green on both Suburban Mom and Louise.

Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan
Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan. On Suburban Mom in the Sapling Melange (a green) color.

Printed Cotton Skirt
Printed Cotton Skirt. As seen on Suburban Mom in the multi-color floral print.

Swishy Cotton Skirt
Swishy Cotton Skirt. As seen on Suburban Mom in the blue floral print. 

Notch Neck Shift on me in the Ruby Peony colorway.  Yes, those are some crazy old school pointed toe green leather flats from J. Crew circa 2005!  ;)  Still have them and still love them.

I know, I know, I already own this in the sailor terrazzo colorway, but honestly, they only share a shape in common, and since I LUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRVVVVE the shape, I knew I had to get one that was a bit different. 

And I totally wore this dress, one whole day after I received it.  I had an Arbonne party I was the consultant for and I really wanted a perfect, professional, yet cheery dress for the occasion.  This dress fit the bill exactly.  :)

Hand on hip.  Those shoes look really REALLY pointy.  They look less scary "wicked witch of the west/great grand wizard of oz" in real life.  Ha.  ;)

Notch Neck Shift
Notch Neck Shift. I don't really don't know why the ruby peony is not selling fast, but it is really very lovely in real life!

Okay, you all...if I missed one of your reviews, please drop me a line or put it in the comments!!!  Thank you for giving the roundup a visit!