Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crewcuts + Outlet + Outlet = Awesome.

Okay, so I didn't really spend ALL of last Friday running around my house with 2112 loudly playing on our amazing sound system (yeah, right, that's what my IPOD dock its, lol, my car stereo is far superior to anything we have in the house).

I actually was normal enough (well, it all being relative) to go out with a good friend of mine (from high school--swak to all my local friends--we've stuck it out!). We needed some time for us, just friend and friend, to hang out with no kids or husbands.

And because my life literally is one big excuse to get dressed up, no matter what the occasion, I dragged out a very pretty little crewcuts tee, a special pair of outlet trousers, and a beautiful outlet Bella (my second!).

The lunch was fab, and since it was kind of cold that day (cold, then hot, hot, hot, that's NOVA spring for you), the outlet Bella was wonderful at keeping me warm but also allowing me to feel stylish.

This is actually the second time I have worn this Bella.  I bought it about three weeks ago after one of my polyvore friends found it on ebay and let all us JCAs know that it was available.  It was a buy it now, so I bit.  (I think it was $70?)  I have a dark pink version from the outlet, so I knew I would love it, which was helpful.  I am telling you all...the wool versions from the outlet are my FAVORITES.  (Even more than the "real" Bellas!)  They are a combo wool/poly blend (80/20) and the polyamide addition makes the wool super-soft.  I have a "real" wool Bella in black, and while lovely, is pretty itchy.  The first time I wore this coral "Bella" was in NYC, which btw, I have pics from and will (eventually) publish the ootds from.

This is a size 4, and from what I can tell, looks nearly identical to the real Bella in coral. 

The crewcuts tee is actually seems to be a perfect canvas for other bolder items like the outlet paisley pants I am wearing.  I have also matched this tee to olive leggings and to the coccodrillo skirt from a few years ago.  It is called the "Girls Dazzle Tee" and I purchased the size 14.  I did not buy this one for CW, though.  My girly is only 2 and I feel like she doesn't need beads, baubles, and sequins like this...I will limit her to the "Happy Heart Tee" for now.

The pants were an outlet purchase from last summer and though I can't wear them everyday (that pattern is loud and memorable), I do like to bring them out every few months.  Love the pattern, and wish that the outlet had put it out in more items (I also have a top, and I believe it came in a cardi).

Basically I am telling you all...bypass regular J. Crew sometimes and just go for the larger crewcuts sizes (any lady between size 00-6 should be able to get away with this as they should be able to wear crewcuts size 10-14). and also go for the factory/outlet pieces.  I know not every crewcuts/factory/outlet piece will work for everyone, but don't carte blanche say "no way, Jose," to everything offered, either.

Close up of the Bella and the neckline of the tee.  See how happy I am???  Crewcuts plus outlet equals happy dinagideon.

No Bella...tee is just long enough and I prefer cap sleeves (broadens my tiny shoulders), so this crewcuts tee actually fits me better than many of the women's tees.  If you are a woman who has to shorten tank straps or finds that tees hit you way too low on your hip, then consider the crewcuts line, seriously.  J. Crew's women's section is FULL of tees that must have been made for Jenna Lyon's long torso, which as we all know not every woman has.  :)

Okay, that's all for now.  I should be able to get the Boden Weekly Review Roundup later today, but it may be a bit grandpa is in town and we have a bunch of stuff planned while he's here. 

On one last housekeeping note, I currently have a special over at my Arbonne website...if you buy $75 or more of Arbonne from me before 11:59 pm on Friday, I will send you a FREE RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque ($65 value, btw) under separate cover.  Take a look here for details, etc.

Talk soon!