Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Into Style: Day Four 2011.

Spring Into Style: Day Four 2011.
Spring Into Style: Day Four 2011. by dinagideon featuring a two button blazer
Totally inspired by Anna Torv today...I love how she combines super professional styles with a sort of casual and polished made up face and hair on the show Fringe.

Since I rarely have a reason to get all dressed up like a business person, when I found out we were to see some VIPs here at this school today, I knew I had to dust off my Super 120s two-button jacket and city-fit bootcut pants. 

The tee I am wearing with it is a "spirit" tee for the school, definitely not optional, but I bought it in a child's size large so it would be more fitted like a regular blouse and it would fit under the jacket.  In the end I enjoyed how it all came together, but I definitely don't look like "normal" me.  LOL.

I bought this suit for $50 total.  It was bought at "Rugged Wearhouse" which carries J. Crew sometimes for some wonderful prices.  It is sort of like Ross or TJ Maxx...  BTW, you know what was wrong with the $230 jacket?  It was missing a button.  Which was in the pocket.  And was sewed on for free by my tailor (no, I wasn't sewing back then).  I bought the jacket, size 4, for $30.  Pants were $20.

FWIW, I turned the professional me into a professional model so the girls could get a fashion lesson in business wear. :) I think they were more impressed by my Rugged Wearhouse story than by why we should all own suits when we get to be adults.

Talk with you all soon.