Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boden Mid-Season Sale!?!?!

Ooh, yay, there seems to be some greatness going down at Boden today.  :)  I clicked over this morning and I saw that there is an "Up to 40% Off Mid-Season Sale" on quite a few IN SEASON items.

I am teaching today, so I can't really do any true investigative researching, but as you enter Boden's site (try one of my links in my sidebar), you should be able to see the Sale button somewhere on the site. 

UPDATE:  If you go through my "maternity" coupon, the "up to 40% off" part of the site DOES NOT show up on the main page...I found it by going to the top of the main page and clicking "Women," and from there you can click the sidebar of the Women's page where the coupon link (it looks like the image above) appears.  I am hoping I get a dedicated coupon link e-mailed to me to make it easier for you all to access the site.

Louise also let me know this is a stackable coupon, which should mean that the "up to 40% off" will include an extra 15% off, if you go through the maternity coupon.  Let me know if any of you are having issues with this!

From what I can see, the best items are over at mini-Boden, but there are a few Boden Limited Edition items up for offer as well (they are at the very bottom of the women's sale page), which is pretty exciting!  I suspect the items they are offering in this sale are sluggish movers at full or nearly full price, and Johnnie Boden is hoping that this extra bit of incentive helps move them.  :)

Let me know your thoughts, etc. in the comments!  From what I can tell, this is a very good thing!

Happy {mid-Season} hunting!