Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Let's See Some Dresses (and More, of Course)!

Hi, all! Another Wednesday, another Boden Weekly Review Roundup. Woo! can click the photos provided by Boden to go directly to the Boden website and find sizes, colors, measurements, and availability. To see it up close on me, click on the photos I have provided. To see someone else wearing an item, click through to their blogs through the links I have put into the post.

The best way to save money on any of the items, click through my 15% maternity coupon, which is still active.  (That said, if you total more than $150, you may want to take a look at the mid-season sale roundup post for more info on a great deal that suburban mom found.)  :)

The mid-season review roundup link is found at the bottom of this post. 

Alrighty, onto the roundup!

Jersey Beach Dress.  I saw this in the Summer Preview and was so in love, it almost hurt.  LOL.  I have to say the love has stayed.  So you all know, I actually wore this dress ALL. DAY. TODAY. and still have it on.  Rex had a tee-ball picnic today and I wanted to be comfortable, dressed up (enough), and in something that wouldn't make me overheat.  (It made it to near 90 here!)  This dress fits the bill exactly.  I adore the ruffled collar, the colorway, the length, I love it all.

I personally love the weight of the fabric, but some may want a more thick cotton.  'Round these parts, here in summer, the thicker the cotton, the more miserable the person.  Just saying.

From the side.  I ordered this dress in a size UK 10 regular, or US 6 regular.  Usually I need to get a size 8 in Boden dresses, but this dress, because it is made from a stretchy material, means I can order one size down.  I am glad I did as the neckline would have been too large on me in the size 8.

From the back.  Isn't this brown floral print a ton of fun, but not too much?  (At least not to me, Miss "ooh, it's a floral print so I must have it!")

Okay this photo is completely superfluous, but I love the way baby and I look in it and I just have to continue to talk up the wonders of "Picnik," the photo editing software that comes with Picasa.  I went ahead and oversaturated the colors and shadows in the Picasa program and then added film grain, cross process, and a frame in Picnik.  :)

Jersey Beach Dress
Jersey Beach Dress. The other colors are wonderful, but I think the red/pink version is the prettiest.

Jersey Top Dress
Jersey Top Dress. Modeled by shopwithm. Everyone who has worn this looks ah-may-zing! Wow!

Riviera Dress
Riviera Dress. Modeled by Suburban Mom, who isn't sure that the blue dotted is her favorite (I still think she looks FAB!).

Breezy Beach Dress
Breezy Beach Dress. On Polly, who beautifully models the blue version.

Forget-me-not Top
Forget-me-not Top. Suburban mom takes this top and creates the cutest outfit around it. (LOVE the hat!)

Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck
Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Top. On Suburban Mom in a very cute ootd.

Kimono Jumper
Kimono Jumper. Suburban Mom pulls out this sweater all the time, and based on how good it looks on her, I can't say I blame her one bit! :)

Leggings. First time I have seen the leggings in real life, and Suburban Mom makes me wonder if I need a pair, too?

Pintuck Skirt
Pintuck Skirt. Egyptomaniac made the cutest outfit with this skirt. Love it and want to copy it!

Retro Swimsuit
Halterneck Swimsuit
Retro Swimsuit and Halterneck Swimsuit. Fiona does a fab written review of both. It is rare to get a swimwear review, so THANK YOU!

Rainyday Duffle
Rainyday Duffle. Suburban Mom found someone in San Francisco wearing it...and it looks adorable! And it's on sale this week! :) Thanks for the great find, suburban mom!

Speaking of the mid-season sale, here is a link to my review roundup of the current mid-season sale items. :)

Happy day!