Friday, April 29, 2011

Does it Count if All I Did Was Wear a Scarf?

Well, Happy Wedding day to the new Duchess Catherine and Prince William. (BTW, I totally forgot that he is Prince William, not just Wills--how very American of me, we have a county just to the south of us called Prince William...I wonder how many poor VA souls think it was named after him and not this guy? LOL.)

Wow. Kate looked beyond beautiful this morning. I mean I literally felt my breath catch when I spied her in her dress. I am wondering how close Prince William was to losing it when he saw her for the first time this morning???

Anyhow, even though I am an Anglophile, I do have toddlers and an insanely busy life, so I did not have the energy to get up at 5 am to view the ceremony live. I was more than fine with catching re-caps and still photos after the fact...this is why 2011 is easier on us moms than 1981 must have been. :)

I am simply celebrating (emphasis on simple here) by wearing my Boden Union Jack Scarf that I received this week. I love that I have a tiny bit of Britannia with me today as I do regular mom things like chores, playing outside, and in my strange world, blogging. LOL.

Above is my outfit which I am calling "the easy, breezy Anglophile SAHM."  Scarf is made from a lightweight wool that is not itchy and the colors are super-saturated.  I can see why this scarf costs $58 (although I purchased it with a promo).  The tee is a striped tee from J. Crew a few years ago that sort of reminds me of Dennis the Menace and a sailor, except made for me!  The jeans are a pair by "Seven" not 7FAM...and the shoes are my Japanese sandals that just happen to match the tee.  :)

Close up of the scarf.  I knotted it in the front, swung the knot round the back of my neck and then knotted again to create this scarf tying technique.  I like this technique, allows the full impact of the scarf to be felt without being too bulky.

If you open the pic up, you will see the detailing in the is very pretty and I adore the colors.

Although this is a red, white, and blue scarf, the jingoistic patriot inside of me will not allow me to wear this on Independence day.  Ha.

I need this photo for polyvore.  Seriously, how are people clipping items to polyvore from Boden???

So I did this SAHM outfit all in honor of this woman's wedding.  Hurrah!  And that dress, gobsmacked am I!

Oh, what the heck.  Here I am in my bridal attire.  Not quite Kate Middleton, but for 80 degrees on a Washington October day back in 2001, seemed perfect.  ;)

You all enjoy your day. Cheers!