Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Into Style: Day Six 2011.

Spring Into Style: Day Six 2011.
Spring Into Style: Day Six 2011. by dinagideon featuring cluster jewelry
Above is what I wore today for my sixth day of teaching "Spring Into Style."  I can't believe that I found the exact Japanese wooden sandals I own on Polyvore. I bought them over two years ago!

Oh, I love this Shelby Dress.  Still do, even after the "accident," le sigh.  For more on the accident, see last photo.  Thank goodness I own sewing equipment.

Today was "PJ day" at school.  Yes, I could have worn my pjs and tried to be the Fashion World's version of PJ chic, but it was meant to get to 85 degrees (all this after yesterday's gripe on the terrible cold weather), and sorry, my PJs do not mix well with heat.  At all. 

I did make a nod to the day by wearing a Japanese kimono robe for part of the class, which is also why I happen to have on Japanese wooden sandals.  I actually own quite a few kimono robes and a handful of Japanese sandals, so it was a no brainer that this would be my PJ chic.  LOL.

I own the Shelby Dress in dusty pink in a size 4.  Word of warning, this dress runs large, a la the Liberty Bouquet Shirtdress, so definitely size down two sizes if you are a smaller on top/larger on bottom kind of gal.

It has POCKETS!  Yay for pockets.  Everyone loved this dress, which made the accident even sadder.  :P

From the back.  I can't wait to wear this easy, breezy dress in the middle of summer when I need to look nice but want to stay cool.

Close up of the eyelet and the pearl ombre necklace (this is from Spring 2010).  My makeup is super-simple, a modified version of my "guide."  I only am wearing my moisturizing items, mascara, lip polish, and sheer pressed powder.

Haha, this will be the only time any of you all will see me in this.  Promise.  It looks way less "conservative" in real life, I promise.  I only wish this was silk and not poly, if it were silk, I could have worn this all day.  :)

Go on, open up the pic.  Under the "X" is where the accident happened.  I had applied masking tape under the rip/tear by this point, so it is barely noticeable, but the rip/tear was pretty big.  I was walking out of the teacher lounge when I ran into the fridge which happened to have a torn handle and a sharp pointy bit sticking out.   My darling eyelet got caught and an inch and a half of cotton came with the eyelet.  Fortunately it appears I can sew it, but if any of you have ideas on fixing it for this relative newbie to the world of sewing repairs, I would appreciate it!

Alright, you all have a great night.  I also wanted to thank EVERYONE for the fab comments, etc., you all have been leaving lately.  Clearly I am just going and going like a bunny (probably why I had the incident with the fridge, grr), so if I don't get back to your comment quickly, I ask for your understanding and forgiveness.  ;)  Talk soon!