Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Into Style: Day Five, 2011.

Spring Into Style: Day Five, 2011.
Spring Into Style: Day Five, 2011. by dinagideon featuring black leggings
I knew that I wanted to wear this tunic as soon as possible...and when Friday came, I had found the perfect casual day to wear it. I originally had planned to wear it with skinny jeans, but realized that morning that all of mine were in the wash (of course) I did the next best thing and wore it with leggings.  I only wear jeans or leggings on Fridays when teaching, I don't know if it is a rule, but it is one that I have followed for years now.  Huh.

On me, in all my 80s glory. :) Not quite Rex looking like Howard Jones, but definitely verging into Debbie Gibson territory. Ha.

On a more serious note, I adore this Printed Tunic by Boden as many of you know already (I reviewed it on Wednesday), and after wearing it an entire day I have to say I adore it even more.  I don't think the other colors will work for me but if this came in this print in a orange or reddish shade, I would probably be all over it.  The fabric is so soft and it skims the body so nicely.

I love the leggings, booties, and especially the knotty pearl necklace with it...the proportions work well and I felt like I was giving the girls in the class a look that takes them to the 80s trend without smacking people in the face with it (no leg warmers, PLEASE, for the love all things sartorial).

You all have a great night.  ;)  New updates tomorrow, albeit brief ones.