Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Into Style: Day Two 2011.

Very different look for me today. I wanted to wear a vest I knew I had but just could not make work whenever I wore it. LOL. I think I finally stumbled on the right proportion for this long tuxedo style vest from the J. Crew Factory. It either needs to work with straight legged pants and a sleeveless top and heels OR I could try it with a strappy sundress like this one from Boden and moto boots and a cute long necklace.

Every time I tried it with a long-sleeved shirt, I just looked like I was trying to hide my body, so in the end, I knew I would just have to wait for warmer weather to give this *wool* vest a try. Crazy.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit.

Still not perfect, but I do like it.  Very funky and actually quite a bit dark/edgy for me.  I might have to try the same pieces but with a cotton tank and a printed scarf.

The vest is a size 4, and I find it fits perfectly.  That said, I don't button this vest, so I can't really speak to how it fits all buttoned up.

This was the outfit as I intended it yesterday.  Then I realized it *wouldn't* be in the 70s/80s today and knew that my classroom would be FREEZING, so I figured the vest would take me out of my comfort zone AND keep me in my comfort zone.  LOL.  :)

No hand on the hip...I also chopped off my head to make sure the outfit didn't look too ridiculous. (I like my head on my body, so it makes me less likely to dislike an outfit if I have the head attached, taking the head off makes me more willing to say, "yeah, not working.")  I think next time I might try a scarf or a long necklace to give the middle a bit more definition. 

So all you all in the NOVA area...did you get woken up/couldn't sleep because of the crazy crazy t-storms and winds?  I not only couldn't get to sleep as the air was super-heavy (humid central) but as soon as I made it to sleep the storms came.  Ugh.

At least I had the presence of mind to put on my makeup...even if it is just the bare minimum of mascara, lip polish, and sheer pressed powder.  I think the pink in the top also gave my face a bit of color, which I truly appreciate.  :)

Talk with you all later.  I should have my "All Made Up" Cosmetics Guide up tonight, Sheer Glow Highlighter version done by the late evening.  Remember, there are only four days left to receive a sheer glow highlighter for free with any $100 plus purchase made at my Arbonne website.  :)