Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Into Style: Monday, April 4, 2011.

Surprise, surprise...I am back to teaching my fashion class to local 3rd- through 5th-graders who want to go to school during their "intersession" time.  There are only a few year round schools, and the ones that are year round always have these extra few weeks of the year sandwiched near major holidays to have fun classes (like mine, called enrichment) or remedial classes (called remediation).  I am always stunned how many kids sign up for extra learning, but I bet part of it has to be because their parents don't know what to do with them during non-traditional time off (during the summer these same kids would be at camp, etc.).

Anyhow, I am around, but if you e-mail me at my account (for Boden reviews, basic blog stuff, or etc.) or at account (for Arbonne info, etc.) it may be a bit before I can get back to you (but I WILL get back to you, promise).  Also expect that my blog post won't be as wordy or talky (woo-hoo, I am sure some of you are exclaiming, lol).

So above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore today.  I had wanted to wear this one, but in the end the heels would have been too much. My long shins would have looked too long for a school day.  Kids don't need to be seeing that much of my legs.  :)

See what I mean? Had I worn the heels it would have thrown the proportion off, that said, for a date the heels could be cute.

I had to wear a trench as this morning it was a tad cool, probably mid-50s. By the time I left school, well, I almost had to just wear the dress it was that warm, mid-80s!

You'll note that I buttoned up the Floral Creek Cardigan as I needed the coverage.  Although the lyric/drift dress (why change the name, weirdness) isn't super low cut, the cami's neckline I was wearing was above the knot in the dress, and it threw the look off, so in the end I just buttoned up and put a silver belt on with it.

I bought both pieces in an extra-small.  The cardigan is FINE in this size, and even stretched out a bit.  I could have gone with a small in the dress, but then the neckline would have been too low and I actually wonder if the skirt would have been too full.  I do wish it was one inch longer, but que know???

I love the colors of teal, aqua, peacock, and silver together.  Very very calming.  The kids in my Spring Into Style class loved the outfit, for what it's worth.  :)

Have a great afternoon.  Up tonight I will do a very brief post on how I apply my makeup, the eyeshadow and lip polish edition.