Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Into Style: Day Eight 2011.

Spring Into Style: Day Eight 2011.
Spring Into Style: Day Eight 2011. by dinagideon featuring choker jewelry
Yes, I wore this in real life to school to teach a fashion class. Well, okay not the pearls and earrings, but it still looked fab. :) I felt under the weather, but man, sequins can brighten any day!  I guess that is a good lesson to can feel gross, but feel great. 

The beret was my nod to "Crazy Hat and Hair" day. Yes, my version of crazy hat is to wear a beret so I can look 1950s Paris. LOL.

Full on Paris in the 1950s Little Black Dress Look.  Beret is authentic and from Europe, have had it for over ten years and love it!  Dress is the Felice Dress from J. Crew back in 2007???  It is the quintessential LBD, the silk taffeta version, anyhow.  The jacket is obviously the Showstopping Knitted Jacket by Boden's Limited Edition that I have gone on and on about since it came out on February 11, 2011.  :)  The heels are also Boden and are possibly my fave pair of black pumps.

I look kind of out of it, and I have to admit that "lady time," even when mixed with "ladylike" is a hard combo.  But I am definitely trying to have a game face, which probably would have been more appropriate for my Jersey Day look yesterday.  Such is life.

On its own the Felice dress is a bit plain, but imagine it with those pearls and the bow earrings.  So very polished!

No beret, but I still feel like I am channeling at least a "Mid-Century Mom/Teacher."  (Yes, Mid-Century Mom fans--I got pics of me teaching today in this outfit.  Smile.)

Showstopping Knitted Jacke
Showstopping Knitted Jacket. Still crazy expensive, but if you are ever interested, here is a dedicated link (click the photo) to check on its availability (which comes and goes, sometimes it is completely sold out, other days it will show some sizes have stock).

Have a great day. The Boden Weekly Review Roundup is going to be HUGE tonight, so it may be late in coming, but be on the lookout for it...

Talk soon. :)