Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Lots and Lots of Goodies...

Wow.  This has been an AWESOME review week in Boden review land.  Lots of blog friends had great reviews, either on their own blogs or e-mailed to me.  :)  Thanks for the all the info, ladies.  I personally find all the reviews super-helpful and it does make the decision making much easier, especially since everything we have to buy is mail order only!  (If you want to thank the ladies who have blogs--remember, following their blogs is always a great way to make them feel appreciated!)

My thoughts on buying right now (with no good promo currently going on--outside of ones with really high minimums): use the Maternity coupon for the best deal of 15% off and free shipping and returns, as of today it worked, and you do not have to buy just maternity it first to apply code (coupon is in my sidebar) and then go through picture links (the ones from the Boden website) to see the items close-up, sizes, other colors, and measurements. To see it on blog friends who published reviews on their blogs, click the link I have provided to their blogs. To see something on me (or Rex!!!), click on our individual photos!

Onto the reviews!!!

Printed Jersey Top on me:
Sorry about the quality of the photo.  I literally got home yesterday, saw my spotty package, ripped it open and immediately tried it on.  Problem was that I left the good camera in the car, so I just gave Mr. Dina the smart phone to grab pics with...

I ended up wearing the top the ENTIRE night.  It is that comfy.  And soft.  But it runs B-I-G.  This is a US size 4, which is my J. Crew perfect shirt size, fwiw, but Boden's smallest size is a US size 2, so that means this is a HUGE top for what its size should be.  (J. Crew's smallest size by comparison is a size US 00, which means that the size 4 I wear is a couple sizes up from their smallest, which seems more normal, I guess.) 

I typically will buy Boden in a size 6 or 8 depending on the cut, but usually a 6.

Guess who can wear this when she gets pregnant?  LOL.  :)  Terrible posture, too.  Wow. 

Still don't care, and for 30 and some change, this top will get rotation simply because it is pretty nice on its own in the summer and warmer months and great layered in the winter.

It was cold outside last night, so I wore it with the Merino Forever cardigan (J. Crew).  It was a cute, perfectly comfy SAHM outfit.

Printed Jersey Top
Printed Jersey Top.  The other colorways are pretty, but this green is so delightful for spring and summer.

Showstopping Knitted Jacke
Showstopping Knitted Jacket. I wore this today as an homage to 50s Paris Party Style. It was in perfect shape at the end of the day (kids were warned to keep "HANDS OFF," adults just grabbed...) and it was warm, to boot!  The silk layer really keeps it very luxurious, soft, and warm.  Worth the money if you can stay up with it AND you will wear it.  Otherwise it will be the most expensive piece of clothing "art" you own.

Reviews from Other Blog Friends:
Kimono Jumper
Kimono Jumper. In grey, in an ootd on Suburban Mom. :)

Forget-me-not Top
Forget-Me-Not Top. On Suburban Mom, in the very pretty poppy version (my fave and on my wish list)...

Napoli Dress
Napoli Dress. On Polly in the very fresh spring color kiwi.

Broderie Trim Dress
Broderie Trim Dress. On Polly in the vibrant lagoon color (loved her mini-me Sassy's matching dress!).

Embroidered Kaftan
Embroidered Caftan. My good blog friend, Ericka (who has her own cute blog, btw), gave me a review of this perfect summer tunic: [I] love, love the overall design and shape. The deep plum "heather" color is a perfect plum color that I can totally see pairing with some bolder gold jewelry this summer. It's made out of a lightweight linen which can sometimes look/feel cheap, but not in this case. However, it is cut REALLY small! I normall wear a 6/8 in Boden and I ordered an 8 - it is definitely tight. I think sizing up in this one is probably the way to go.

Leather Ballet Flats
Girls Leather Ballet Flats. Okay, Ericka has officially made me jealous. Like crewcuts, some lucky, lucky ladies can wear mini-Boden shoes. :) Here are Ericka's thoughts on the french blue color: I love the fact that Mini Boden shoes go up to size 39, which fit my size 7.5/8 feet perfefctly! Awesome style for a fraction of the grown-up price - can't beat that. The leather is great quality and very soft, and the shoes are quite comfortable. I ordered these in the French Blue, which is a bit darker than their photo shows, which was actually what I was looking for. Very pleased with these!

2 Pack Necklaces
Girls Two Pack Necklaces. Ericka ordered these in the colbalt/pale pink blossom colors and said this: I saw similar fabric necklaces years ago and actually tried my hand at making them for a little while - these are totally adorable and very "beach chic," perfect for summer or a winter/spring break wardrobe. Love the colors and the cute bow, which isn't too "little girl" on my grown-up self. I do suppose, however, that I will have to share these with my 4.5 year old daughter ;)

Tropical Maxi Dress
Tropical Maxi Dress. Found this wonderful review on JCA from a bloggie friend, Lauren PhD, who had this to say: I got the tropical maxi dress from Boden and I absolutely love it. Soft and silky, yet substantial, fabric, bra friendly, flattering, and well made. I usually avoid maxi dresses because my lower legs are probably my best feature, but this dress was too gorgeous to pass up. I originally got the black and it was lovely, but I felt like I was wearing an evening gown. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I was looking for something a bit more casual. So I exchanged it for the marine banana leaf print. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'll let you know how I like it.

On Rex (yay, my boy likes mini-Boden):
Here was Rex's reaction when I pulled this out of the package (same one as my printed jersey top), "yay, Momma...It's a SHARK!"  :)  Not quite, but it was enough to convince him that he should wear this right away.  He kept it on until we left for Moe's.  He also was petting it and saying, "so soft, Momma, so soft."  I promise you, I wouldn't be able to make those last words up.  My little guy notices some of the funniest things (well, I notice softness, too, but I am a fashion blogger, lol).

Worth noting...the suit is SPF 40 rated which for me (and probably EVERY mom out there) means NO SPF needed on those bits of his body.  Holla!

Surf Suit
Surf Suit.  I love the octopus version, too, and if I was a UVA alum, I would 100% have bought this (orange and blue--wahoo wah!).

And one last bit of fluff, if you will forgive me...
Union Jack Scarf
Union Jack Scarf. Umm, adorable, and in honor of Kate and William's wedding. How sweet! I had no idea this was for sale. Must. resist. temptation. (It is currently being offered in a giveaway, and my hope is I win--fat chance--I found the giveaway through the "digital catalog" on-line with the union jack on it.) If I don't win, this scarf is coming home with me via some promo or another. :)

You all have a great night. Enjoy clicking around, and remember, if I forgot your review, I can either insert in today's post, or I can add it to next week's. Just let me know!!! :) Thanks again!