Friday, April 8, 2011

Arbonne: Sheer Pressed Powder, Step Seven.

For more information on how my Arbonne cosmetics guide got started, please visit the initial post!

So today I am doing the fifth and final post from the "Fresh Faced to All Ready to Go" set of posts.

Remember, all products I show here can be found at my Arbonne website.  (Go to the SHOP ONLINE TAB at the top of the home page to see all of the products for sale--cosmetics are under the Arbonne Cosmetics.)  I am an independent consultant, so while not completely unbiased, I do have a lot of information I can impart to you all about how to use the individual products (or at least how I use them, lol).  I have also started to add links to the Arbonne cosmetics ingredients PDF files, as I think it is very important that you all see what goes into your cosmetics when you purchase from Arbonne. REMINDER FOR APRIL 8, 2011: The free sheer glow highlighter with any $100 plus purchase made at my website promotion ends tonight at 11:59 pm Eastern time!  Don't delay!

Here is a reminder of what the cosmetics guide collage looked like:

Fresh Faced Photo:
This is meant to be the "control" photo so you can see what I started out with...there is NO photo-shopping, etc., I promise.  I would look way better if I used photoshop, trust me.  ;)

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Step Seven: 
Every step is super critical to me in getting an "all made up" face, but I will admit to needing the sheer pressed powder the most.  I have pretty oily/combo skin, and even though I don't break out, I do know that if I don't have some sort of powder in my routine, I will be pretty shiny by mid-morning. 

Now if I am at home, just chilling at my computer, I won't even concern myself with any makeup (just all my moisturizers and serums), but when I go out, *even if it is just to the grocery store*, I will put on powder. 

The sheer pressed powder is like any pressed powder made by any other cosmetics company, with two differences.  It has "optilight" technology AND it is a formula that once applied feels as light as air.  I seriously forget I am wearing it, unlike other formulation I have used in the past (and sheer pressed powder has been my best friend ever since high school).  Cake-y is awesome for funfetti, not for me and my nose. 

Optilight I mentioned when I spoke about the Sheer Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15, but in a nutshell, "optilight" means that Arbonne formulated the powder with micro-particles that help take the light that is reflected onto the facial skin and help reflect it back outwards, creating a "glow."  In the photo above you cans see it on my cheekbones and my forehead most clearly.  That is a glow and not shine, and for that I will always be in love with this powder.

I use this cosmetic product SO much I have to make a re-order already and it has only been three months.  LOL.  I think if you just need powder for "normal" or "dry" skin, you will have it for longer.  If you are all "Suzy Shinemeister" like me, you probably should be prepared for how much you will use it.

I am also showing off the eyebrow brush that comes with the ten piece precision brush set.  I spoke about the brush set in this post, if you would like more info on that.  I use this brush at the very end, AFTER the pressed powder, to make sure my eyebrows are in their place.  I do not tweeze or wax my eyebrows, and they are thick and a bit much, but the eyebrow brush helps tame them a tad.  ;)

Sheer Pressed Powder PDF Ingredients List.

All together, hair brushed, cardigan on, and ready to go.  I hope you all have enjoyed this trip of mine from "Freshed Faced" to "All Ready to Go!" 

Be on the lookout for future Arbonne guides!

You all have a great night and thank you for visiting my blog (if this is your first time here)!