Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Into Style: Day Ten 2011.

Spring Into Style: Day Ten 2011.
Spring Into Style: Day Ten 2011. by dinagideon featuring platform shoes
Final Day of my Intersession Fashion Class, Spring Into Style. This is the same day we have the runway show, so I always have to bring it. BTW, you know who was my style inspiration? Jenna Lyons...she wore a VERY SIMILAR outfit in the "J. Crew Made in Italy" DVD series, specifically when they were visiting the mills in the "About a Thread Count" video portion. It looked really good on her, so I figured I should give it a try. :) The jacket was pretty popular, with the Prized Rose Peep Toes as second most talked about item of my outfit.

Sorry I was so late publishing this post, but I was in NYC (yay!) all weekend long.  The outfits from this weekend will be forthcoming.

Just love this.  A lot of fun and I felt chic.  It was also pretty comfortable!  :)

For sizing help (watch for popbacks), the moonbeam sequined blazer is a size 4 in the cobblestone color, the matte jersey curator pants are in a size 6, the peep toes are in a 9.5 (fits like my size 9 Anticipation heels, which are the grey sister of this pair by Miss Albright), and the striped tee is a size small.  The belt is a "borrow" from my Felice dress, which I wore on "Crazy Hat" day.

Hand on hip, you know, because I look so different when I do this.  Also, what says "I live the fab life" more than a whole bunch of bottles of water?  That looks R-E-A-L good.

Close-up of the moonbeam blazer and the makeup I wore that day.

I knew I had a photo of Jenna wearing the outfit.  I found this after A LOT of searching on the internet.  J. Crew would be smart to publish photos of Jenna wearing their items and make them easy to access.  For polyvore freaks like me, these photos are gold.  :)

My day 9 was insanely lame.  It was "stuffed animal" day, and my version of it was to wear a furry gilet (vest) kind of thingy from mini-Boden.  LOL.

It technically worked, but the gilet, for all its coziness, does look a bit like I am going down as a bad, bad woman in the stuffed animal PETA group.

See, a bit "oh, momma, why did you do that to fluffy" kind of vest.  :)  Mini-Boden, size 13-14.  It does reverse to blue/white dotted, but it wouldn't have worked for stuffed animal day to wear it that way.  

This would actually be a fab outfit for SAHM days.  The whole thing was really comfy, but also very polished.  The capris are the Mahali Dot version of the cafe capris from Spring 2009.  These are a size 10, and if you are willing to sell yours, I would love to buy a size 8 as these size 10s are a touch too big in the waist.  :)

Alrighty!  I missed you all...nice to be back.

P.S. Many of you have enjoyed having a "catch all" Boden Mid-Season sale Review Roundup, so I will place a temporary link to the review roundup on my blog below the header, just for easy access to the post.