Friday, April 22, 2011

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear to a Birthday Party?

LOL.  I have had these photos for over a year.  A YEAR!  :)  You know how I know this?  Because last year at this exact time, my nephew was turning the ripe old age of 7 and we went down to visit him and attend his birthday party. 

We received an invite to his 8th birthday party (which we can't attend this year, sadness) on Wednesday, and it had me thinking...did I ever publish that outfit of the day I wore to his party?  The answer would be an emphatic no.  Whoops!

As it is kind of grey and sad here in NOVA today (although really, Good Friday shouldn't be sunny, just seems wrong, you know?), I figured that anyone around here would at least appreciate the eye popping colors of this particular Emma-inspired outfit.

Above is the polyvore I created with Emma in mind.  I don't know if she would actually wear the heels, but the rest of the outfit?  Definitely Emma!  BTW, this polyvore may be my most popular ever.  It keeps getting "favorited" by polyvore members, and at a year old, this surprises me.  :)

On me.  The skirt is still really beautiful, in my opinion.  It is a bit of an acquired taste, but the pink, honey, ivory, and caramel colors together are truly delightful.

The day of this outfit it was raining and if any of you are in my area today, you could get away with this outfit, the cardigan is especially warm and cozy.

Just a slightly different pose.  :)  Those heels get me every time.  I still love the pop of neon pink on the strap.  I need to get those out again for summer.  (I so miss my peep-toes in winter!)

CW--one whole year ago.  My hair is longer, but in reality, I look pretty much the same last April as I do today.  CW...wowza, what a difference.  :)  She actually reminds me a bit of an infant version of Pat Benatar.  If Pat Benatar was wearing a frilly, over the top, Liberty of London for Target dress.

CW--two days ago, you can see how much she has grown, longer hair, of course, but she is taller, thinner, just more like a little girl and a little less "love is a battlefield."  :)

Yes, that is me, playing indoor football with Rex, in heels.  I did catch this throw, btw.  Holla!

End of the party.  Can you tell?  LOL.  Look at CW and look at my skirt.  Both were retired as soon as the fete ended.

Okay, you all, I hope you enjoyed this WAY LONG AGO peek into an ootd.

Boden babes...the mid-season sale ended last night.  Sadness.  Many of you have let me know that your items shipped yesterday, the same day you ordered.  Me, too!  This may be record timing for Boden.  Good on you, Johnnie B.  I have left up the "maternity 15% savings coupon" in the sidebar as it is still working.  (Still!!!)

Have a nice afternoon.  Should be back later today to talk at you more.  Me and my itchy blog fingers...