Friday, April 1, 2011

Boden Buy and Sell.

Well, I didn't see my account was all flush with the money I should have, so I am now currently on the phone with a very nice British lady (sometimes I get an American, sometimes I get a British person when I call the US 866 number) who is "looking into the matter with her manager," who says that they have canceled the authorization for the whole amount. Well, good. ;) I now just have to talk to my bank. Will a lovely British lady or a smooth American gentleman help me with my issues when I call them? Doubtful.

So two thumbs up for Boden. Thank goodness. I didn't want to lose faith in good ole Johnnie!

Okay, there IS a new code for Boden, and is applicable for two days only--20% off and free shipping. It is at my sidebar and I will announce it more formally in another post today, but I always want to make you all aware of new coupons, etc.

Alright, back to the business of Boden Buy and Sell!

Did you miss out on a favorite fun skirt?  If so, this is your kind of post!
This kind of post is for you, the Boden Aficionada, who has an item(s) that you either want to sell, or really want to locate.  Disqus is fabulous for this kind of a post as you can directly comment to another commenter about either wanting the item, OR letting the person know that you have an item (or know where to find the item).  Disqus also allows you to add direct links to other websites, so if a photo of your items exists, go ahead and post a link to it!

Please no re-sellers.  Thank you! 

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog.  Just like the other ladies at JCA or Effortless Anthropologie, I in no way can act as a mediator for any transaction, communication, or lack of communication. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to the "Boden Buy and Sell" posts (which should be posted every Friday).

NOTE: This is not limited to Boden for women.  You can post re: Men's Boden, Johnnie B. (junior's line), mini-Boden, baby Boden, Boden Limited Collection, and Boden Maternity.

Thank you all!!!