Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Sweater Dressing...

I know it is Sunday, so I expect there will be chirping crickets sounding when this post is published, but I have little time left now during the week because of my "Spring Into Style" this will have to do.

Commence Chirping Crickets sound.

I almost named this post "How the bleep is this April?" but figured that would offend too many people so I just moved onto something a bit more innocuous. (Of course I could have offended you by even telling you that I almost named my post that, but I choose to live on the edge. LOL.)

It has been far too freaking cold to be April.  Last year for Spring Into Style I was wearing sundresses and sandals and it was. FAB. to. the. extreme.  This time around I have had one day that I could wear a sundress, but since then I have had to dip into my winter wardrobe.  (Hello, I already taught that class, remember, in January, when I wore the {in}famous Victorian peach look?)

Admittedly none of the three looks below are actually from my class, but they have been worn recently and all include merino wool and cashmere.  Grr.  When did Virginia become northern Canada?

I wore this today to a friend's son's birthday party.  I love children's birthday parties.  They always are so much fun, the kids get to go CRAZY and the parents get to drink.  I mean, come on, it is sheer perfection for parents AND the kids.

I adore this sweater dress.  The chain print is very mod-looking and the shape is divine.  I like how it worked with the Boden statement necklace, the Kimchi flats (Urban outfitters), and tights.  I wore it last time with a cloche, tights, a button-down, and a pair of ballet flats. 

I almost sold this sweater dress when I was in need of money, but I am glad I didn't.  Must remember...the special pieces MUST stay in the closet, sell the pieces that are in good shape but maybe aren't really your best friend, dinagideon.  (Definitely remind me of this if I ever decide to sell my Sybil Double Cloth Coat.  As if!)

Another view.  I can't believe the merino wool wasn't warm enough on its own that I had to wear tights.  Unreal.  (Of course I just saw that Fredericksburg, which is 40 miles south of us, made it to 73 degrees today.  Huh???)

Haha, I know the black cami and black tights make it look like I was doing a catsuit/mid-century modern crazy look.  In real life the cami wasn't that obvious.  I blame the silly flash from the camera.  That said, I do believe that I will wear it with a long-sleeved black tee next time. 

I wore this in March, not April, but Mr. Dina just told me that the March this year was. THE. COLDEST. on. record.  That's over 110 years of record-keeping, btw. 

I sold this dress in the size medium I had for years to a good blog friend when we both discovered a size small was for sale over at Polyvore.  We worked out a deal, and as soon as my size small arrived in the mail, I would ship my size medium to my blog friend.  And, yay, it fit!  And my friend?  The medium fit her, too!  Success!

From the side the black crazy catsuit lady looks less obvious.  :)

Yesterday I went on a playdate with momoberry (check out her fab blog) and was forced to wear my cashmere cowlneck.  I wanted to wear a cute tee and shorts!!!  (Sad face.)

Still, I do adore this cowlneck, so warm and lovely and comfy, and combined with the mosiac print pants and awesome Cole-Haan kicks, I felt very SAHM chic.  Easy to move around in and still decent looking.

Meeting momoberry was wonderful!  We have so much in common...a love of fashion, our kids, makeup, and we are in the same area!  I look forward to our next meet-up!

I am smiling because I don't need a coat with this sweater...say what you will about J. Crew cashmere but I find it to be the perfect thickness, colors, and softness. 

Okay, that's all for now.  My next post will be my Friday's Spring Into Style look, which is Boden's printed tunic styled for school. 

Have a great night, enjoy the weather.  LOL.  :)