Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maritime Dress for Real Life...

I wore the Maritime dress as an actual real life outfit on Monday.  I figured the combo of mainly staying at home, plus an Arbonne meeting at night gave me a great reason to pull this puppy out.  The weather was also that weird version of mild we get here in NOVA, kind of drizzly, kind of foggy, and right around 60 degrees.  In other words, not too cold, but not warm enough that we can put away the sleeves. 

The maritime dress is pretty substantial, nice thick slubby cotton that is like a light sweatshirt.  In the morning I wore it on its own, but by evening I had to pull out some leggings to keep myself a bit warm (and also be a bit more conservative for my meeting, that said, I did not photograph that look). 

I reviewed the Maritime Dress already, so for more info on it, head on over to that post.  The sleeves look great rolled up, in my opinion, and for hanging out with the kids, the length isn't too short that it's shocking. 

The shoes are a pair of Cole Haan penny loafers that I am *this* close to wearing out.  I literally bring them with me on every trip and even when home find I pull them out at least a couple times a month. 

That pile of books in the back makes me look so literary.  LOL.  Or just messy, like a hoarder.
I wore my hair to the side as an homage to the 80s.  I don't know why this dress reminds me of the 80s, but it does.  It probably is the superfluous zipper on the sides (heehee). 

These earrings are from the factory, and I LUUUUUURRRRRVVVVVE them.  I will never poo-poo a lot of the factory items because I find I wear them a lot AND they are usually pretty high quality.  That said, I may just be lucky and have had relatively few problems.

The makeup is all Arbonne, of course, and I layered two shades together on my lips, the lipstick in rose petal (a pretty mid rose/peach shade) and the lip polish in pearl (look under the cosmetics tab to find the product descriptions).

Okay, it is Wednesday, which many of you know means BODEN WEEKLY REVIEW ROUNDUP time! :)  There are four blogs that have posted reviews this week that I know of: ShopppingwithM, Bodalicious, Polly and Fiona, and Egyptomaniac the Shopping Maniac.  If I didn't list your blog and you have a review, would you mind either commenting or e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com?  I have had limited access to my computer this week, so that means limited access to all my favorite blogs!  (Sad Face.) 

Talk with you all soon!