Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boden: Mid-Season Sale Ends Today! (Plus Two New Reviews!)

Yeah, I bit on the kittycat top for CW.  At $13, I would be crazy not to buy something that cute for my little darling!
Friends...tonight at midnight is when the Boden Mid-Season sale ends.  It has been fun watching the products sell out completely (which I am sure is not that upsetting to Johnnie!).  There are still quite a few bargains to be had, as many of the items are still in stock, are up to 40% off, and can be stacked with coupons.  (Love the stackable coupons, wouldn't that be wonderful if every promo was like this?)

This button takes you directly to the mid-season sale, so you can quickly assess what is still available. After you have picked out your favorites, I recommend going to your cart and putting in the code NT11, which Suburban Mom told us about last week. Turns out it will save 20%, but if you spend more than $150, you receive a free linen scarf. I had $160 in my shopping bag and put in the code and the scarf popped up. :)

It is a turquoise printed scarf with a yellow fringey bit, and it looks lovely. I appreciate these "free" items that Boden will sometimes add to make shopping with them more pleasurable.  (Last year, I received a canvas Union Jack bag for free--twice--by ordering Johnnie B.  Because I received two, I was able to give one away, and if I remember correctly, AppGal won it!)  :)

Since I published the mid-season review roundup on Saturday, I have seen two reviews that directly pertain to the sale, and I wanted to make sure that you all see them.  

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. Shopwithm beautifully models three of the colors. Because of her lovely review, I went ahead and bit on the brown colorway! Thanks for the great info!!!

Rainyday Duffle
Rainyday Duffle. Suburban Mom managed to grab a photo of a lady wearing her coat in real life. The coat looks great on her, and I can see why this has been a popular choice for inclement weather!

Okay, that is all.  I will be back tomorrow with more outfits of the day, a new Arbonne offer, and probably a review or two.  But before I do any of that, I will comment back to all the lovely comments that have been left for me in the past week--thank you all, btw, for your patience with me.  ;)